The main platform applied by Westron for the I&C systems creation is hardware-and-software platform "Vulcan-M".
The "Vulcan-M" platform is based on up-to-date approaches to designing of the systems, considers long-term experience of creation and operation of the I&C systems in the maximal degree, and progressive tendencies of the electronics and software evolution. The platform is being improved and developed permanently.
The universal "Vulcan-M" platform allows to create the distributed digital monitoring and control systems with various architecture and dimensionality, corresponding to needed requirements in maximal degree.
The "Vulcan-M" platform is based on the hardware developed and being manufactured by Westron according to Technical Specifications TU U 26.2-22708202-001:2016 and TU U 26.2-22708202-002:2016 approved by NAEK "Energoatom" and State Nuclear Regulatory Inspection of Ukraine.
The "Vulcan-M" equipment has passed all kinds of the tests and completely corresponds to the requirements applicable in Ukraine (Safety Classes 2 and 3).
Except of the "Vulcan-M" platform on the Customer requirement Westron uses the platforms of other manufacturers (Westinghouse, Emerson, ABB, Mitsubishi and others).
Platform Components Upper Level Low Level
Safety Class 3 Safety Class 2
Hardware Workstations Cabinets Controller Cabinets
Technical Specifications TU U 26.2-22708202-001:2016    TU U 26.2-22708202-002:2016
Operating System Windows QNX N/A
Base Software VMS 10.X VMC 1.X V2Mx2
Application Software Specified by the Customer
"Vulcan-M" Hardware-and-Software Platforms Structure
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