Westron was established on September 29, 1994. Prior to signing of Westron Foundation documents there wereintensive contacts and negotiations between representatives of the State Committee of Ukraine on Nuclear Energy (Goskomatom), Hartron, which was appointed as the General Contractor for works on I&C Systems of Ukrainian NPPs by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 175 dated March 11, 1993, and Westinghouse Electric Company. The decision to create Westron was fixed in May 1994 in the first in the history of relationships between Ukraine and the United States Agreement on Cooperation in the area of conversion of military industry.

The main milestones of the Company’s evolution are:
1994 September 29, Foundation documents of Westron Consortium were signed
The first contract with NPP was signed
1996 The first system was developed and implemented at NPP
Certification of Vulcan hardware in Ukraine
Replacement of the first in Ukraine plant computer at a VVER-1000 power unit
Implementation of the first in Ukraine safety parameters display system (SPDS) at a VVER-1000 power unit
Reorganization of Westron Consortium into Westron Limited Liability Company
The Quality Management System is certified for compliance with ISO 9001
Vulcan-M hardware and software platform is developed
The first system based on Vulcan-M platform is implemented at the NPP
2004 Basic radiation monitoring system (RMS) Vulkan-RK NPP was developed and supplies to NPPs of Ukraine began
2005 The first safety class 2 for NPPs based on Vulcan-M platform is developed and implemented
2006 The first I&C System for a foreign TPP (South Baghdad power plant) is supplied
2009 Basic control system for an emergency diesel generator (ACS EDG) based on the Vulcan-M platform is developed
Joint works with Westinghouse to replace the Plant Computers at NPPs in Spain, South Africa, Switzerland
2014 Independent verification of safety systems software for Barakah NPP (UAE)
2016 Conformity of Vulcan-M platform equipment to SOU NAEK 100: 2016 standard is confirmed
Deliveries of ACS EDG for RNPP, KhNPP, SUNPP. Deliveries of post-accident monitoring systems (PAMS) to ZNPP, SUNPP
2019 Westinghouse Electric UK Holdings (WECHOL) becomes a member of Westron LLC instead of Westinghouse Electric Company (WEC)
2020 Deliveries of equipment for replacement of systems of normal operation at Kozloduy NPP (Bulgaria)
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