Westron (Ukraine, Kharkiv) is one of the leading Companies of Ukraine which is specialized in performing the full scope of works in the field of Instrumentation & Control (I&C) systems purposed for nuclear and fossil-fuel power plants and other industrial facilities.
Westron develops, manufactures and supplies wield spectrum of I&C production for industrial facilities with high requirements to safety, security and quality.
Activities of Westron include  all phases of I&C systems lifecycle including design, manufacture, testing, supplying, implementation, service and maintenance. 
Westron was founded in 1994 by Hartron (Ukraine) - the leading enterprise in the field of control systems in Ukraine and Westinghouse Electric Company (USA) - world leading Company in the field of Nuclear Energy.
Systems designed and manufactured by Westron are successfully operated at all Nuclear Power Plants of Ukraine. A significant amount of work on I&C systems, including supply of equipment and software, is carried out by the Company for foreign customers..
Westron employees are highly qualified experts in system analysis, system and functional design, software, design of electronics, systems and devices manufacture and tests.
Westron is a reliable supplier of production and services of high quality and is oriented at maximal satisfaction of Customer`s requirements and expectations.
Westron LLC
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Kharkiv 61070, Ukraine
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