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Westron Celebrates Its 23rd Anniversary

September 29, 2017
Westron celebrated its 23rd anniversary nontrivially as usual. On September 29 4 teams of Westroners gathered in friendly combat on the football field.  25 players aged 22 to 55 participated  in mini-football tournament. Fans on the stands were clear in their preferences:  their friendly chanting "Westron is a champion" has determined the completion result.

Established annual sightseeing trip became a welcome addition to Birthday celebration. This time our trip was to Poltava. Travel program included: a sightseeing tour around the city, visit to Holy Cross monastery and the museum of Poltava battle history and what particularly impressed Westroners was the museum of the Long Range and Strategic Aviation.

Compliance Audit of Westron's Quality Management System Conformity to ISO 9001:2015

October 6, 2017
Westron passed compliance audit of quality management system conformity to requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015. Based on audit results the validity of the quality certificate has been confirmed. The audit was held by representatives of the certification body "TUV SUD".

Second Stage of Post Accident Monitoring System (PAMS) Implementation at South Ukraine NPP Power Unit No. 1

September, 2017
During the scheduled preventive maintenance of 2017 at South Ukraine NPP power unit No. 1Westron held commissioning work in the framework of the second stage of the post accident monitoring system (PAMS) implementation for increasing sensors nomenclature of emergency means of measurement and monitoring and digital communication channels with external users.
In 2018 it is planned to complete the second stage of the post accident monitoring system (PAMS) implementation during the scheduled preventive maintenance after installation of sensors of emergency means.

Westron Representatives Participated at the NNEGC "Energoatom" NPPs Lead Engineers Board meeting

November 20, 2017
The meeting of the NNEGC "Energoatom" lead engineers board took place at PJSC "Turboatom". Representatives of the power generating company and all nuclear power plants of Ukraine discussed the issues of nuclear power development in Ukraine. Mikhail Chernyshov the General Director of Westron made a presentation on the current and perspective projects of the company in nuclear power.

Here is the link on the meeting article at STATUS QUO information agency site (available only in Russian).

Acceptance Tests of Radiation Monitoring System for RNPP

January 16, 2018
Factory acceptance tests of automated radiation monitoring system equipment set for auxiliary building No.2 (ARMS AB2) of Rivne NPP based on SHC "Vulcan-RK" had been successfully completed at Westron site.
Equipment supply to Rivne NPP is planned for January 2018.
Works under ARMS AB2 for RNPP are conducted within the framework of project realization RFP-14401-149-GOODS-1.  Lot 1 "Equipment for modernization of Radiation Monitoring System for Power Unit 1 of SS Khmelnytska NPP and Power Unit 3 of SS Rivne NPP".
Children's Party in Westron

January 15, 2018
Westron organized a festive event for children of Westron's employees dedicated to the Old Style New Year. 30 children in age from 5 till 12 gathered to participate in fun and fabulous activity, characters of fairytales and cartoons became the heroes of this event.

The youth awaited a tour of the company, sports and interactive plays and competitions,  master classes on making Ukrainian yarn dolls and acrylic painting on Christmas balls, they were seeking a pirate treasure and even could try their hands at assembler's and bookbinder's work at Westron's production area.

All children received gifts and prizes and at the end of the party they had one more surprise - a photo shoot with the New Year symbol which was a charming and friendly dog nicknamed Altay.
Equipment for Radiation Monitoring System Upgrade was Supplied to Rivne NPP

February 06, 2018
Equipment based on SHC "Vulcan-RK" for radiation monitoring system upgrade of an auxiliary building No.2 (ARMS AB-2) was supplied to Rivne NPP. This supply was made jointly with Czech company "VF a.s.". System upgrade was planned during scheduled-preventive maintenance of unit No.3 which took place in December 8, 2017.

Available only in Russian (
SDGS ACS of the Third Safety System of RNPP Unit No.3 Implementation into Operation

February 27, 2018
Standby diesel generator station automatic control system (SDGS ACS) of the third channel of safety system supplied by Westron to RNPP was implemented into operation at unit No.3. All works were done within minimal time.

SDGS ACS for RNPP unit No.3 acceptance tests had been carried out at Westron's site in December 2017 with participation of representatives of NNEGC "Energoatom" and the SE SNRIU.

Works are carried out under the contract No.14404-152-GOODS-1 regarding which the reconstruction of SDGS ACS of ACD-5600 diesel generator of RNPP unit No.3 and KhNPP unit No.1 is carried out.

SDGS ACS of 15D100 diesel-generators (10 sets) and "Sulzer" (3 sets) supplied by Westron company to Armenian NPP, Rivne NPP and South-Ukraine NPP are currently in commercial operation.